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From newspapers to social media platforms and from thousands of websites to varied other modes of marketing are flourishing with news about Mutual Funds and amazing offers for mutual fund investment. As far as mutual funds are concerned, they are the investment schemes – collecting money from people and invest in funds in diverse assets.

Through mutual funds, money that is collected from investors is invested in financial securities that may be in the form of:

  • Acciones 
  • Money Market Instruments (certificate of deposit and bonds) 
  • Equidad
  • Debt and money-market instruments  

inversión y beneficios de fondos mutuos

Depending on your requirement and type of investment plan that you choose, you can invest in mutual funds for short term, mid-term and for long-term too. It is equally important to know about the risk factors of the funds. Before start investment, you should consult with experts and get the right decisions to make some big profits. 

What Are the Advantages of Mutual Funds?
One of the plus points of choosing mutual funds as your investment plan is that your investment is pooled with other investors – together to purchase a diversified set of stocks or bonds. 

As soon as you start investing, you can start with a small amount of money. The small investment will allow you to instantly diversify into varied holdings as the fund has at this time. 

You can buy the desired stocks – by investing your amount in each stock. In case, one stock doesn’t do well, your account could drop significantly in value. With mutual funds, you are free to invest in different companies. 

In this way, if one stock doesn’t perform well, it won’t have any impact on your account. You should keep in mind that diversification is the main advantage to owning a mutual fund. 

inversión y beneficios de fondos mutuos

Type of Mutual Funds – Essential to Know About  
Knowing about the type of mutual funds is equally important. It is divided into three main types – that include:

Fondos de capital
It is the right option to invest in stocks of diverse sizes and options. Some of them are classified as global – have the ability of investing in other nations or globally. Domestic stands for the specific nation. Not to mention the growth funds – invest in companies with expectations of higher growth rates in comparison to others. 

Fondos de renta fija
Such types of investment options are in bond-oriented investment. Corporate bonds and municipal bonds are in this category.

Fondos del mercado monetario
It is the right investment plan that is known as high-quality and short-term debt instruments. It is all about the investment in liquid instruments – counted as safe for those who are looking for park surplus funds for immediate returns. It is also known as cash markets that may come with risks in terms of interest risk, re-investment risk and credit risks.

In addition to the aforementioned options, Index Funds, Balanced Funds, Income Funds, Fund of Funds and Specialty Funds are also other categories to know about. 

How to Choose the Best Options in Mutual Funds – Know About Varied Types
For you convenience and to help you getting a clear understanding of the funds, we have come up with detailed information about the types of mutual funds that are based on varied parameters.  

Structural Based Mutual Funds  
Mutual funds that are based on structures include: 

  • Open-Ended Funds  
  • Close-Ended Funds  
  • Fondos de intervalo  
  • Mutual Funds Based on Asset 

Asset based mutual funds include – Equity Funds, Debt Funds, money market funds and balanced or hybrid funds.  

inversión y beneficios de fondos mutuos

Investment Objective Based Mutual Funds  
You have some other options available and investment objective based mutual funds are one of them. It is divided into different categories like: 

  • Fondos de crecimiento  
  • Fondos de ingresos  
  • Fondos Líquidos  
  • Tax Saving Funds  
  • Fondos de protección de capital 
  • Fixed Maturity Funds  
  • Fondos de la pensión

Mutual Funds That Are Based on Specialty
Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also choose the best plans that are based on specialty. Some of them are given below:

Fondos Sectoriales
It is the right way to invest in a particular sector of market like infrastructure. Not to mention the returns that is based on the performance of the sector.

Fondos del índice
You can invest in instruments – representing a particular index on an exchange. You can check the returns of the index.

Fondos de mercados emergentes
You have an option of investment in developing countries – mainly those nations showing the good prospect of the future. They do come with higher risk as a result of the dynamic political and economic situations of the nation.

Apart from the aforementioned options, you have also some other investment options in this category that include international Funds, Fund of Funds, Global Funds, Real Estate Funds, Commodity Focused stock funds and market neutral funds. This type of mutual funds investment has some other options too like inverse or leveraged funds, asset allocation funds, gift funds, exchange traded funds. 

Are There Other Mutual Fund Options Available?
You have some other options too that are based on the risk like low risk, medium risk, and high risk.  

  • Low risk mutual funds are the investment options made by those who don’t want any risk in returns. Debt market is the right option in this category. You should keep in mind that returns are also low.  
  • Medium risk mutual funds are investment options with a medium amount of risk. If you are willing to take some risk with the investment and want to get higher returns, it is the right option for you to invest.  
  • High risk mutual fund investment is for those who are willing to take higher risk with the money and looking to build their wealth. It is the right option to get higher returns too.     

In India, mutual funds are created as trusts and the below-mentioned persons are involved in the process that includes sponsor, board of trustees, Fund house or asset management company, and custodian.  

inversión y beneficios de fondos mutuos

SIP Investment or Systematic Investment Plan
It is an investment tool – allowing you to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals in a mutual fund scheme. It works by investing a fixed amount at a defined frequency. You as an investor don’t need to time the market. In this way, you can invest in hassle-free way.

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